the perfect man. We believe that at birth he placed the knot of the umbilical cord, he made a double Windsor. Alberto likes beauty, the aesthetic fascinates him though… we should define what is beauty: a pinpoint of baroque is nice, a speck of minimalism is nice, a pinpoint of French Romanticism is nice, but do not ever mix them all! Alberto likes the DIY, Wong Kar Wai, to spent hours and hours on the net looking for the “vibe”, flowers and buy vases, Ikea napkins (if they are nice), and to go shopping while others buy, he reserves. Alberto does not like his things move around, not even a centimeter, he does not like the bathroom door closed and the toilet lid open, which is always confusing and you are never sure if you have closed and open correctly. We could say that the untidiness does not go with him. Alberto likes to put himself “tipsy“ with the first two beers, walk with sunglasses on a Sunday morning with his dog Rocco and take an aperitif in a terrace with friends, and take advantage to make them therapy. Enjoy a movie eating jellybeans and chew them absorbing sugar(do slurp, slurp), speak English with strangers, and above all, to be pampered a lot.

These two personalities certainly merge into the essence of A &Y; beauty, freshness and imagination through their four eyes.


when he was born coiled into the umbilical cord, his mother looked up at his violet face and knew it would be a restless mind. She did not lack reason, with only two years he had more stomach washes than teeth. Yago likes skyscrapers, tente ships, and to know how many kilometers per hour runs a Bengal tiger. Yago does not like that nobody wants to watch Star Trek or Porco Rosso with him, however he loves being alone for plotting his stratagems and… Let’s face it, he always gets away with it! Yago does not like to get up early, that is why he would love the telework. He hates the roulade of Kings and maths. What is he good at? He likes: singing Shirley Bassey songs while he makes some pasta, tinkering, photograph and record everything around him, know about Mac computers and plan exotic trips around Southeast Asia. If there is something Yago enjoys is: the click of the camera when he has achieved its definitive shot, mom’s macaroni, sing Hollywood songs with her sister Bea, and of course, stick the clothes on the radiator before getting dressed while waiting under the quilt.